Dear Reader,

The summer doldrums of August are about to end, and I think the next 4 weeks could change your life.

We plan to enter into a few new investments, as well as highlight one that is going to be very time-sensitive when we put out our alert, so be ready.

We’ve waited patiently for years to give you a Bitcoin-related stock, and one will soon be trading that could give us the biggest and most profitable experience of our lives.

The business model and the people involved will stun many investors.

To truly profit from Bitcoin up until now, you had to own the currency. Once this company begins to trade, you’ll have about as close to a cash-flowing Bitcoin ETF as you could ever want.

There’s no dealing with 24-word passcodes, no crypto-wallet, no exchanges. You won’t have to deal with any of that by simply buying this single stock suggestion that has ALL the upside and more that the individual digital tokens have.

Over the next month, be prepared for the most profitable ideas you’re going to come across.  

1. A time-sensitive alert from us, a potential do or die moment for a company we’ve been covering for years…

2. The only blockchain business we will be recommending, with billionaires, hedge fund managers, and the top people in the Bitcoin world all taking very active roles to support this very important company.

3. For gold, we expect September to see a violent rally to the upside, so if you haven’t taken a position in our top suggestions, consider doing so now.

Tomorrow, I’ll be joining Keith Neumeyer to ring the bell for the Toronto exchange.

It’s a great honor to be invited to this special event, along with the entire team at First Mining Finance (TSX: FF), to celebrate them graduating to the senior exchange in Canada.

I’ll actually have my 7-year-old son with me, so both as an investor of FF and as a father, I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this experience.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Keith and his team very well, and these are truly the exact type of people you want working with you.

Pat Donnelly, the President, is a relentless individual who has worked many late nights on behalf of the shareholders. I remember one time he told me he flew 2 hours just to speak with an individual shareholder of another company FF was bidding to take over – Pat wanted to leave no stone left unturned when championing for their votes during these acquisitions.

Chris Osterman (CEO), Patrick Donnelly (President), Derek Iwanaka (Investor Relations), and Keith Neumeyer (Chairman) have all done a wonderful job for shareholders, building up one of the top gold portfolios on the planet.

And they’re not done yet – not even close.

Consider buying shares of First Mining Finance (TSX: FF) and First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG). Both are Keith Neumeyer plays, which, in my opinion, makes them unstoppable, and they’re suggested core holdings for ANYONE looking to invest in the precious metals space.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri


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