Dear Reader,

There is a very rare opportunity in the physical gold market right now.

This letter is directed at anyone who plans to buy physical gold coins or bullion.

I’ll keep this brief, and then I want you to read word for word what my friend Andy Schectman has been detailing out for me over the past year.

Since 2006, when I purchased my first gold coin, I have always steered clear of the “collectable” gold: the numismatics.

Yes, I understand that they have a big premium in a bull market, but in the end, I wasn’t trying to speculate with physical gold, I just wanted the best price and as much gold as I could buy.

That is until 2018, when Andy pointed out to me that the numismatics, which have historically traded a lot higher than the regular bullion coins like American Eagles, were actually trading for the same price, and sometimes even cheaper.

Now, what is a numismatic… It’s a rare gold coin, and for the most part, if you’re being pitched to buy one, the bullion dealer will usually bring up that when FDR confiscated gold, he didn’t include the numismatics.

To give you an idea of the premiums we’ve seen in the past, in 2011, you had to pay $500 over spot for some of these coins, as opposed to paying $35 to $50 over spot for an American Eagle.

Today, you’re actually better off buying the numismatic. It’s the same as the Eagle, but you get a little speculative side bet that in a bull market, these premiums will come back!

What I’ve told Andy is that once the premium comes back, let me know because I want to sell it and use the premium profit to buy even more ounces of gold.

If you’re still reading, I suggest you read exactly what Andy sent me last week to my personal email. We discussed this opportunity with you last year, but to my surprise, despite gold’s $250 move higher since May, the numismatic gold ounces still haven’t seen their premiums restored.

I assure you that they will come back. All this is letting us know is that we are still very early in a new gold bull market.

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    From Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin (800-255-1129)

    Dan, I have worked in the precious metals industry for over 30 years, and this is the lowest premium I have ever seen on double eagles in these grades.

    An anomaly currently exists that only a couple years ago could not have been imagined. 10 years ago, it would have been considered an impossibility!

    Back in 2010, when gold traded at around $1,000 per ounce, “numismatic” pre-1933 gold coins traded for huge premiums. This happened because there was fear that the Obama administration might go the route of FDR and confiscate bullion. That did not happen, but we did get to see a precursor to what might happen should (when?) confiscation become a reality.

    My focus is currently on the pre-1933 MS-62 and MS-63 $10 and $20 Liberties and the MS-62, MS-63, and MS64 Saint Gaudens.

    Back in 2008, these coins were “bid,” meaning dealers were willing to pay between $1,600 and $1,800 while spot gold was only $1,000. You could currently say the jumping off point to the highest-grade numismatics is at the MS-63 grade for Liberties and MS-64 for Saints.  The next grades higher carry much higher premiums. Please keep in mind that these grades of MS-63 and MS-64 are way up the totem pole and represent extremely high grading – and thus rarity.

    Over the last year, premiums for these coins compressed, particularly the MS-60 to MS-62 range. These could be purchased for roughly the cost of a current year American gold eagle or Canadian maple leaf. Now, MS-63 Libs and MS-64 Saints have seen premiums shrink to levels not much higher than that of modern gold eagles. This offers an incredible opportunity whether you are an outright buyer or want to swap current bullion into rare and uncirculated coin. Current pricing is stupid cheap!

    Why have premiums collapsed? Because since 2011, the bear market in precious metals has destroyed sentiment and created sellers who became worn out, just as a severe bear market in real estate might reduce or wipe out premiums for waterfront vs. inland property. The premiums will once again expand, but confidence and desire to own must occur for the premiums to begin to come back. Should a whiff of confiscation come about or the prices simply continue to move, good luck finding ANY product resembling the spot price of gold…

    What I am talking about here is positioning yourself in gold, which we believe to be the ultimate financial lifeboat… but in a first-class seat without paying any additional fare to do so. Your downside is the price of spot gold, your upside is not quantifiable but very substantial based on history. In the event of confiscation fears or outright confiscation of bullion, your “coin collection” could become priceless. These are 100+ years old, uncirculated, and individually graded, documented, and individually packaged coins considered as “collectibles.”

    These higher-grade collectibles are simply the preferred seat without the higher fare. If you already own bars or current sovereign bullion, you can swap at very little cost into a first-class seat. When retail demand does reemerge, the spread between gold spot and these coins can rise by many multiples. The time to purchase anything of high quality is when the entire sector is on a fire sale. That time is now.

    …End Email…

    If you would like to personally speak with Andy Schectman, please call him directly at 800-255-1129. We have ZERO business relationship or affiliate program

    I am a customer, and I trust this company to treat you right.

    Best Regards,

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