A lot of pessimism has been surrounding gold in recent years. Mainstream media has sort of a happy tone of voice when reporting the ugliness of gold investing. 2015 is definitely not setting up for a good year for gold bulls. Although a serious breakdown has not occurred, it does not seem realistic to expect a year of gains.

Here is another precious metal, however, that has a great technical setup: palladium. Look at the weekly chart, and notice how palladium made a low recently exactly at a multi-year support line going back to the 2010 highs. The same support line was tested several times in 2011 and 2012.

Are You Considering Palladium As An Investment

Palladium has excellent fundamentals, with a very tight global supply/demand situation. Investing in palladium is not an easy thing to do. There aren’t too many palladium miners in which you can invest. So the only ‘easy’ solution for investors is to buy the physical metal on an exchange like Goldmoney, Bullionvault, or Hard Asset Alliance.

If there is a time to consider investing in palladium, it has to be now!