Dear Members,

FMT Advisory recently received an eloquent question through a website submission. The question was simply, “What’s your Revolutionary approach all about at FMT Advisory?”

With brevity, our Revolutionary approach at FMT Advisory has everything to do with throwing away the old paradigms of yesterday, while also getting rid of the paralyzing fear that is pervasive to investors success over time.

Fear is natural in a world that seems to sit on the precipice of disaster day after day, but while preparing for worst case scenarios is always a good idea (and as value investors, that is what we already do), we also need to personally move forward while planning for success. To do this, we need to get educated and move forward in the 21st century by connecting to cutting-edge ideas, new platforms, and like-minded people.

Moving forward in the 21st century means anything from moving away from antiquated ideas like investing through brokers in loaded and bloated mutual funds and moving away from letting banks collect fees for doing all our banking for us at a hefty price, to getting rid of toxic prescription drugs and going with natural choices whenever we can.

It means turning off the cell phones, going on a walk or whatever it is we like to do, and letting great businesses compound for us over time by ignoring the day to day wiggles on our screens and gadgets.

Our revolutionary approach is about killing old paradigms that make no sense in the new economy of today and to lower our costs (which is what we do for most investors!), and go with better options for our health, money, and lives than recent traditional ways.

In many ways, it’s also about going back in time to do it right, whether investing like the Rockefeller’s, Buffett’s, and Carnegie’s or heeding Socrates call to “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

When FMT Advisory opened its doors, it did so with a low-cost competitive advantage over our competitors, and these are the kind of platforms that will succeed in the new economy — businesses that provide real value, lower costs, and make lives more convenient for people. This is what we do.

And when investors, for instance, invest through us, they get a true fiduciary firm that only 4% of the entire industry can lay claim to. How many people or businesses can honestly say they have your back no matter what? FMT Advisory can proudly say that we do, and we have a myriad of examples of giving honest advice to real people that have saved them thousands of dollars, and have gotten them to and through retirement safely through all kinds of markets conditions .

And we use our leverage, our tech team, and our accounting knowledge to our advantage for stellar results. Why would anyone ever invest in a loaded mix of mutual funds with an upfront sales charge of 5.5% – plus ongoing hidden expenses or an advisory fee on top of that– when they can pay us a total of 1.4% or less, which is completely transparent, and get a network of deep industry connections and a customized portfolio? Crazy, right?

These are just some of the reasons why FMT Advisory is a rapidly-growing business that is hard to duplicate with our low-cost structure.  These are just part of the inner workings in our New Economy Revolution.

But it’s not just about us. It’s about our deep industry connections that we bring to our investor’s accounts everyday with our portfolio management, along with our vast experience and knowledge.  We’re all about people working with other like-minded people, and all of us steering each other in the right direction. You can join us or be left behind; it is that simple.

This is what our revolutionary approach is all about.

FMT Investment Advisory has become the trusted name in the alternative space and for good reason. We are simply the real deal.

Best Regards,
Nicholas Green
CEO, FMT Investment Advisory