Dear Reader,

It’s ugly, hated, and out of favor, but in an uptrend.

It’s the only sector left where you can find any extreme value.

Here it is in one chart:

Commodities have never been cheaper relative to equities.

I’m not gonna lie to you, though: this is ONLY for readers with a stomach for volatility and the ability to stay the trade!

If you have the cash and the courage (NOT a challenge to you at all, it’s just the truth), this is where you’re going to find your massive gains over the next 1 to 3 years.

We love tech, real estate, blockchain tech, and cannabis, so we aren’t saying to go all-in on speculating in commodities, but if you’re looking for extreme, deep value, you clearly have to look at the gold, silver, zinc, cobalt, lithium, and copper stocks right now.

I’ll reveal my top picks to you, but before you buy a single share, you need to accept that on the way to making 500% to 3,000% gains, we may see 25% moves in either direction, sometimes even 50% swings.

I’m personally going to be making a very large investment into all of our current and new picks that we will share with you, but please put this into context: I’m greedy when it comes to profitable opportunities. I’m patiently waiting to see at least a 10x return on my money.

If I want a 7% return, I’ll buy a rental property or throw some more cash into

I just want to be clear and upfront that following me into the commodity sector can potentially be the most profitable event in your life, but it won’t be in a straight line. These tiny resource stocks are unbelievably volatile.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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