Treat Yourself Like a Business

Dear Reader,
I’ve spoken to you about this before – your best investment is always staring at you in the mirror.  It’s yourself. Without a doubt, you are the biggest income-producer in your portfolio.

To optimize your income producing mind, one secret that I have used is to treat yourself and your personal finance like a business.  What I mean by this is make smart acquisitions, cut costs, and be exceptional in your dealings with people.  Companies that waste money, become stagnant, or spend all their capital speculating, end up going out of business.

Imagine the way most people invest. 100% of their so-called diversified assets are dependent on a rising price… No business on Earth could invest this way. At the end of the day, a business or individual needs to have cash flow, ideally income gushing in from every department.

When looking for assets, look for income-producing ones. These are what will keep the business of YOU moving forward.

Education, planning, and evolving your life’s work – you must keep growing as well. It’s one of the reasons why I believe the idea of retirement can be more than just dangerous to your finances, but actually risky to your physical health.  You can’t just sit around and not improve as a human. You have to keep pushing forward with purpose, with every breath until your last.

Here’s an inspiring interview for your weekend pleasure.

Alton Hill, host of the Future Money Trends Relentless Wealth Podcast, just released a new interview with entrepreneur Louis Ziskin.  It’s an incredible story. The guy spent 12 years in prison (2000 to 2012) for drug trafficking and decided while serving time that he wanted to turn his life around. Today, he’s a multi-millionaire!

If you ever thought it was too late to change anything in your life, listen to this interview and be proven wrong. It’s very inspirational. No matter what your starting point is, with a focused mind, it can be done!

Have a great Sunday!

Daniel Ameduri