Silver and Gold are Making Their Anticipated Moves Higher Now…

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Dear Reader,

I just conducted a dual interview with Steve St. Angelo and Keith Neumeyer, two of the top experts on the precious metals, specifically silver.

Steve, who runs the website, has some of the best silver research I’ve ever seen, revealing a few key trends in the silver market that were quite shocking.

Keith, of course, is the CEO of the purest silver producer on the planet, First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG).

Mr. Neumeyer reminded us of just how rare a silver mine actually is, so much so that many of the old silver companies are turning to gold because these mines are more plentiful.

Silver Standard (SSR Mining) and Silver Wheaton (Wheaton Precious Metals) have even recently changed their names to reflect that they are no longer silver-based companies.

We will release this new interview with Steve and Keith this weekend.

I am personally buying physical silver and a few key silver stocks right now.

Looking at the collapse in outstanding shares for the GDX, the indicators, as we pointed out to you in late July, haven’t been this good since the gold bear market ended in late 2015.

We fully expect a violent rip higher in September, with new 52-week highs!

Look for our special silver investment update this Sunday.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Access Our Top-Notch Reports For the New Economy HERE!
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