Unprecedented Expansion

Dear Reader,

The shrinking middle class in the U.S. and weak demand from the West are completely being offset by incredible demand from emerging markets.

China alone has more people in the middle class than the entire United States population.

Living here in the West, when we move up the socioeconomic ladder, our consumption of stuff may increase, but it’s very limited.

A poor person in the U.S. has a refrigerator, car, smart phone, and TV.

When these people living in Asia go from poor to the middle class, you’re talking about a massive leap higher and a large appetite for everything!

Their consumption of daily calories rises, they increase meat consumption, they are purchasing a vehicle for the first time, and they are electrifying their lives.

It’s why China is now consuming half of the pork in the world.

Supporting this growing global middle class is going to push demand for commodities to levels I don’t think any sector is well positioned for.

For example, it takes 147 gallons of water to produce just one pound of corn.

A cow can eat 1,000 pounds of corn!

To produce a single pound of beef, it takes 1,799 gallons of water!

From farming to the minerals in all of these wonderful products we consume or use in our daily lives, it takes natural resources.

All of this demand is happening at a time when minerals like silver, gold, zinc, and copper aren’t seeing any new major discoveries, ore grades have collapsed over the last 100 years, and the supply line has actually seen significant destruction due to one of the most severe bear market cycles we’ve seen on record.

I’ll soon be releasing a special alert on one of the most important natural resources and how I’m personally positioning myself and my family.

I only own the stock suggestions we recommend in this letter, and I plan to give you all the details first!

Happy Investing!

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Daniel Ameduri

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