Every so often there is a technology that comes along and disrupts not only the financial markets but the way we live and think about the world around us.  Think of the Internet back in the 1990s – sure, the World Wide Web existed prior to that, but it didn’t really impact most of us until it invaded our homes and our workplaces. 

Great thinkers like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos made their fortunes on the advent of disruptive technologies – and so did savvy, forward-thinking investors who understood the power of early adoption and first-mover status.

For a more recent example, consider Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, which we featured in our Top Notch Reports, when BTC was $13!

These alternatives to fiat currencies were the culmination of technological breakthroughs coupled with a grassroots movement to end the devastating effects of inflation and central bank hegemony.

And yes, our team at Future Money Trends has made plenty of massively profitable calls in the crypto and technology spaces. There’s no easy trick to spotting the next major trend or big mover; it requires the time, effort, and know-how to conduct deep research and identify the next winner among the vast array of investing opportunities.

Moreover, it takes a whole lot of patience, as these potential multi-baggers don’t come around very often.

The good news is that I’ve recently identified a technology that will not only disrupt the world as we know it, but will make millionaires out of the few who position themselves at the right time and in the right way.

It’s not often that I’m this confident about something, so believe me, this is huge news that most people will only discover after the millions have already been made. 

Courtesy of Crunchbase, VentureSource, Sand Hill Econometrics

Venture capital investors are the first movers while retail investors tend to fall behind.

As we can see, there has been a six-fold increase in the investment levels by venture capital investors into one particular field:  artificial intelligence, also known as AI or machine learning.  These large institutional investors don’t allocate their money hastily or recklessly, and neither do I.

I’ve been looking into the AI space very deeply and carefully, and I am supremely confident that this will be the headline story in 2018, much like the Internet was in the 1990s and Bitcoin was in 2017.

Machine learning and robotics aren’t just a vision of the future; they’re already here, and they’re here to stay. Recent years have seen a gigantic surge in demand for this technology; in fact, robot imports have increased from the 100,000 level back in 2000 to approximately 250,000 in just 15 years:

Courtesy of International Federation of Robotics, World Robotics Report

But this is just the beginning.  Much like those initial bursts in Bitcoin prices during the early years, what we’re witnessing now in machine learning is merely a hint of what’s to come. 

For early investors, this presents an amazing opportunity, but there’s a problem:  finding a pure play in the AI space.  Sure, you can buy shares of companies that have tangential involvement in AI, but for my money, I’m only investing in a company that has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the future of artificial intelligence.

As I see it, that company is Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE, OTC: LVVEF).  Having conferred with Pure Blockchain Wealth’s Brad Robbins, who has done his own due diligence and has published a report on the company at, I’m convinced that Globalive is the only pure-play AI investment worth my hard-earned capital right now.

With the Globalive IPO happening very recently, this is still a ground-floor opportunity that is still under the radar – but won’t be for much longer.  To earn your place as an early adopter in this world-changing technology, get our exclusive report at and prepare for massive profit potential in the coming weeks and months.

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