A Bubble Burst to Trump All Others

Dear Reader,
It’s incredible when you think about the bubble we are in, where all aspects of our economy are nothing more than an illusion.

It wouldn’t take much to prick this bubble, which is what makes it so risky to the entire global economy.

And this is probably why the central banks have been so willing to balloon it higher and higher.

We all looked down in 2008 at the abyss, and it shook the world. However, instead of going through hard times and allowing all the malinvestment and debt to be flushed out, the world decided to double down on a broken system.

This will only make the bubble burst worse than any economic downturn in human history.

For the first time in 5,000 years of recorded history, we have lenders loaning money to sovereign nations with a guaranteed default (negative interest rates).

Currency printers are buying publicly-held companies on the open market, and it’s not a conspiracy; central banks are buying shares and filing disclosures with the SEC.

Worst of all, the public is being told through multiple propaganda outlets — both in government and media — that everything is fine and that things are getting better.

There are two bubbles: the actual financial bubble and the illusion that the public perceives as reality.

It’s the thought that everything is normal.

Central banks and global governments have done a lot of damage by delaying the bursting of these two bubbles. And now, this has created something so large that when this global reset happens, it’s going to impoverish hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

The reality is that what the world is going to face will be painful.

It’s why this letter was created: to first protect, make aware of, and then to relentlessly push our members to focus on real wealth building.

Proceed with prudence.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri