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In just a few short hours, I’ll be sitting down with Rick Rule and Amir Adnani to discuss what I believe is one of the best buying opportunities we’ve seen in 18 months!  For GoldMining Inc. specifically, there are a few things I want to point out to you before I walk into the Sprott Asset Management conference.

  1. I really want us to be able to buy this stock for as cheap as possible, and the fact is Amir is about to sit down with over two hundred high-net-worth investors. So if you’re looking to buy GoldMining Inc. near its strong support line, I suggest taking advantage of this opportunity this week… The sooner the better.
  2. Amir isn’t just building a company, he’s developing relationships with the right people that can help him advance specific projects. For example, just last week, he met with the Secretary of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.
  3. Since I contacted Amir for an update on GoldMining two weeks ago, he’s been to London, D.C., and he’s now back in Vancouver for the Sprott show. This is exactly who we want to partner with… Amir won’t stop, he’ll never rest, and that’s why people like Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and Marin Katusa are heavily invested in GoldMining with him.
Consider shares of GoldMining Inc. (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF).

As a shareholder, you’ll be part owner in a company that has 24 million ounces of gold resources (measured & indicated eq.) and an additional 2.2 million ounces of historical resources.It has strong institutional support and a very diversified gold portfolio in the Americas.

One additional asset that we haven’t mentioned yet is the Rea project, in the Athabasca Basin. This a uranium asset that GoldMining picked up when they acquired Brazilian Gold Corp. The project has a joint venture in place with Areva, a billion-dollar energy giant.

GoldMining is the senior partner, with 75% ownership, and Amir Adnani happens to be one of the few people on Earth who have taken a uranium company into production. Amir and his team are very familiar with uranium, and according to a company press release, he has mentioned a possible spin-out of this project at the right time.

A spin-out, in our opinion, is the most likely scenario since it would act as a dividend to shareholders, as each GoldMining owner would be issued shares in the new uranium company. Amir has stated publicly that he wants to unlock the value at the right time.

With uranium stocks crossing their 200-day moving average last week, that time could come soon.

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Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: Currently, the largest single shareholder of GoldMining is a fund run by Marin Katusa and Rick Rule, two extraordinary investors in the resource space. The second-largest single shareholder is Amir Adnani himself, the founder and Chairman.  Myself, family, and staff are also long GoldMining Inc.

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