You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This…

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Unless you’re one of the lucky few to buy an Internet stock in the 1980s, you’ve never had an opportunity like this.

When we began covering Bitcoin at $13 in 2012, I wanted to find a publicly-traded vehicle to make it easy for our members to have exposure.

Little did I know at the time that it would take another 5 years to find a legitimate opportunity. 

Keep in mind that back in 2012, it wasn’t easy to buy and sell Bitcoin – I had to personally meet a guy at a local Starbucks with $10,000 of cash in my pocket to do my first transaction.

Then, in 2017, due to my own laziness, I lost about $40,000 in Bitcoin that was parked in an exchange whose domain was seized by the U.S.

Here is the thing with Bitcoin: you need to keep it in cold storage, off the exchanges, and protect it well.

It’s not as turnkey as many of us would like, simply due to the fact that it’s still in its infancy, though much has happened since it was introduced and released into the world in 2009. Of course, what many of us have desired is an easy, safe, and secure way to have exposure to the sector without the hassle of having to keep track of a 24-word passcode or cold storage key. 

This is why I think HIVE Blockchain Technologies is so important.

I want to have direct exposure to not only the top cryptocurrencies, I want to be part of a business that is literally at the heart of the blockchain itself – specifically Ethereum…
For Ethereum, we predict that it will surpass Bitcoin in market size within the next 6 months!

Ethereum is to the blockchain what Google is to the Internet.

When I met with data scientists from Microsoft, ExxonMobil, and Chevron last week, they all told me they loved Bitcoin as individuals, but for the corporate giants they represented, they were only using Ethereum.

In my opinion, Ethereum will soar a lot higher than anyone is forecasting.

It’s also what HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSXV: HIVE & US: PRELF) is currently mining.

This is the most important stock suggestion I’ll ever give to you. For many of you reading this, it’s going to change your life.

The potential for HIVE is it becoming a leader in the space for the public markets, which is ultimately how giants are born in new industries like the blockchain. 

It’s a marriage between early Bitcoin adopters, one of the largest crypto mining giants, and some of the smartest people in the public markets.

These include Frank Holmes, of U.S. Global Investors, who is now the chairman of HIVE.

The stock has more than doubled since we initiated coverage, and this morning they made big news…

In order to make an additional acquisition of a cryptocurrency mining data center, HIVE just announced that a group of institutions led by GMP Securities will be investing CAD$30 million into HIVE for CAD$1.50 per share, and these shares will come with a 4-month hold!

The type of people writing checks this large aren’t in this to make a double — or even a triple — in my opinion.

GMP’s CEO co-founded with Elon Musk, which became PayPal. When I tell you that very serious people are coming into HIVE, I mean at the highest level of Silicon Valley, Zurich, Vancouver, New York, and London.

The potential for HIVE to become the go-to blockchain stock is a very real possibility.

Our Recommendation: Consider taking a position in HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSXV: HIVE & US: PRELF). just released a must-listen-to interview with Marin Katusa.

Marin is a New York Times bestselling author and top resource fund manager.

Doug Casey, who we all know and love, has personally told me that Marin is the most disciplined stock picker he knows, to the point that for Doug’s own natural resource portfolio, he has Marin manage it!

It was truly incredible to be able to speak with Marin on a 30-min call yesterday, where he revealed what he sees as an opportunity that he’s been waiting for since 2011!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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