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Legendary speculator Doug Casey has been to 155 countries and has lived in a dozen. He’s truly one of a kind, and someone who is a lifelong student of history and economics.

He’s made himself and thousands of others a fortune by following some very simple advice when speculating, and that is to always focus on the people.

Much of what I believe and have learned about natural resource speculating is from Doug Casey and his protégé, Marin Katusa.

For one of the best talks on Bitcoin, gold, and the evolution of money, please listen to or read the transcript by clicking here.

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One thing we discussed was the Trump effect on the economy and consumer confidence. What everyone missed about a President Trump win was that millions of Tea Party people who were buying gold, guns, and food storage during the Obama years are now buying the Dow Jones and consumer goods.The retail crowd is making its way into the stock market, which means we could see the bull market in general continue into 2018, 2019, and maybe even past 2020.

Tax cuts will also spur additional economic activity, including company buybacks, further adding to the fuel that has been driving stocks higher.

This is likely setting us up for a less-than-stellar year for gold, but the metal is still a great buy here, along with strategic gold shares.

New picks are coming to this letter, so be ready!

In 2018, we will make some great recommendations in the artificial intelligence, cannabis, blockchain, tech, and resource sectors.

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