We are Weeks Away From a Major Crisis

Dear Reader,We’ve been warning you for months about the fall of 2017 becoming a major inflection point for the dollar, gold, and bonds, and without delay, it’s all unfolding exactly as we forecasted.

Look at the days left for the House and Senate to pass a budget, debt ceiling raise, and border wall funding.

Remember, President Trump has publicly stated that the budget would have border wall funding or the government would face a “good shutdown.”

With Congress off for summer break, they will come back in September with just 12 working days…

At the start of President Trump’s term, we stated that he did NOT have a party majority in the Congress because the Republicans are broken up into very divided camps.

You have establishment Republicans who hate the President, tea party members who are less likely to cut a deal, and then you have some who supported the President but are still afraid to go out on a limb for him.

A real disaster is happening within weeks. This will help push the dollar index below 92.5, gold WILL make new 52-week highs, and it will be a very interesting bond market.

As one of the few letters who predicted rate hikes with accuracy, we are now forecasting an end to the rate hikes for the remainder of 2017.

The summer of 2017 is turning into one of the last great buying opportunities for gold investors, especially if you’re buying the shares.

On Sunday, we introduced you to a new stock, U.S. Gold Corp. (USAU). This is an exploration stock with enormous upside potential.

The geologist heading up the drilling is actually known in the industry as “King Midas.” Of the 300 million ounces of gold discovered in Nevada, he’s responsible for 50 million ounces!

He’s stated publicly that he believes USAU could be a discovery play on steroids.

It’s speculative, but we are happy to partner with him on this venture.

Consider taking a position now, with shares trading below $3.

The stock does trade on the NASDAQ, so we are seeing some unusual trading patterns, but that’s due to all the computer trading – these algorithms are extremely manipulative.

Here is what we mean: As you’ll see in the screenshot taken during yesterday’s trade, you have real buying coming in, $45,000 in a few trades, and then the machines bring the stock down with a few hundred bucks.

It’s all noise to us.

We are not suggesting this stock to you as a day trade or a short-term position – this is for those of you looking to partner with the right people on a real gold exploration play.

These are the same people who built and are responsible for Gold Standard Ventures (GSV).

If you’re looking for a gold exploration play with 10x potential, USAU is it!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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