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Ethereum and Bitcoin Continue to Move Higher!
Dear Reader,
This is an extremely important alert, so please read it in its entirety. I have no doubt that anyone who misses this time-sensitive opportunity will have huge regrets.

I am personally acting on this, as well as my staff and family.

Prior to HIVE Blockchain Technologies launching on September 18th, in order to launch the company and begin mining activities, they raised an initial financing round at CAD$0.30.

Approximately a third of this round was taken by Frank Holmes and U.S. Global Investors, two non-sellers… In fact, as you may know, Frank Holmes even agreed to come on as the chairman of the company, so those shares are as good as locked up in a vault, in our opinion.

The rest of the shares will be freed in less than 2 weeks, which has caused selling pressure for our top cryptocurrency stock suggestion.

1. Truth be told, many of those investors who participated in the 30-cent round will sell.

2. HIVE is now being heavily shorted in anticipation of this initial round of stock being freed.

This creates a one-time situational opportunity that we will never get again!

HIVE is both mining and hoarding cryptocurrency right now!

They’ve just done two institutional rounds of financing at CAD$1.50 and CAD$2.80. We can buy shares on weakness right now due to the initial round of financing being freed, even though the fact is that the company is in better financial shape, with more cryptocurrency than its ever had.

Think about it; institutional investors bought shares at CAD$2.80 when Ethereum (Ether), what HIVE is mainly focused on mining today, was at around $280 per coin. By the time the financing closed, Ether was around $300.

That entire time, HIVE has just been mining Ether every day, hoarding and saving every single newly-minted crypto-token…

We can buy HIVE for around CAD$2.83 today as well, but guess how much that cryptocurrency they’ve been saving is worth now? $485 per Ether token!

Keep in mind that the recent offering at CAD$2.80 per share was to fund the second phase of construction at the digital currency mining data center in Sweden.

Part of that investment into HIVE was also done by its partner, the largest digital mining company on the planet, Genesis Mining.

This company is moving fast! And here is a FACT: the company is both growing with new mining data centers and the currency it is hoarding has gone up in value by 55% in the last 10 days. Even so, due to a one-time event, shares are actually under pressure and we can buy them cheaper today than a week ago or two weeks ago…

Right now, we have the opportunity to buy shares on weakness. In my opinion, this will be swallowed up quickly, so we are really looking at a few weeks (at most, in our analysis) for this situational opportunity to permanently come to a close.

If you’ve been looking for a dip in HIVE, this is it – Christmas has come early for us!

Consider shares of HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSXV: HIVE & US: PRELF) immediately!

***Trading Disclaimer*** Over the next 4 weeks, I will be in the market, accumulating shares daily.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri
President, FutureMoneyTrends.com

Editor’s Note: I am long HIVE Blockchain Technologies.

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