I just received an urgent message from my friend Marin Katusa.

Interest in his new project, Independence Day Royalties, is MASSIVE. And this has big implications for you.

As you know, Marin is covering some of the world’s most promising gold and resource stocks.

For example, after he mentioned GoldMining Inc. on Future Money Trends, the price skyrocketed 455%.

He also came on and pounded the table on Northern Dynasty when it was trading below 45 cents per share.

Northern Dynasty went on to return over 1,000% in the next 16 months.

I’ve personally made a LOT of money listening to Marin. My late father also made money with Marin.

He’s one of the best and most disciplined investors out there and his specialty is the resource stocks you never hear about.

And Marin just told me something exclusive…

Coincidently, in the first week of July, he will be releasing his July issue ofKatusa’s Resource Opportunities

In that issue, he will be revealing an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to invest in a brand new recommendation at the same price and same terms as him and other legendary investors.

This specific company is an unknown gem, and this is the first ever published report on the company.

I believe people are going to make a fortune with Marin’s ideas.
Many already have.

It’s an incredible opportunity to invest alongside a MASTER investor at the same price and terms as him.

The Greatest Investment Club in the World

Dear FutureMoneyTrends Reader,

In nearly every aspect of life, there’s an “express lane” to success… a fast track available to the privileged few.

Traveling on one of these fast tracks is like being a member of an exclusive V.I.P. club.

Members get all the breaks.

They get the perks.

They get preferential treatment.

For example, some kids are born into wealth and privilege. When a kid from this club breaks a rule, he’s more likely to get a slap on the wrist than face serious consequences.

You also have fast tracks at tourist attractions and amusement parks. Members of these clubs get instant access to rides while others wait in line for hours in the hot sun.

There are special clubs for when you fly. Buy the expensive ticket and you bypass the lines. After taking your seat, you sip champagne instead of getting elbowed by the fat guy in coach.

Whether you’re traveling, entertaining your kids, or anything else, getting the perks and skipping to the front of the line is good fun. You deal with less hassles. Thing happen for you faster and easier.

Given all this, it’s no wonder these types of clubs exist for investors. Members earn bigger returns in a shorter time.

I’ve even seen members of this club turn every $50,000 invested into $500,000 in under a year.

I’m a member of such a club… and it’s been extraordinary for me. I’ve seen gains of 476% in less than a year and 1,045% in 16 months as a member.

Being associated with this special club has literally made me millions of dollars.

I hope to you see you in this club as well. 

It could make a huge difference in your net worth. If you feel like you’re a little behind on saving for retirement, this club could radically accelerate your retirement plans.

This club is a way to rapidly accelerate your returns and investment knowledge. It’s a way to join one of the world’s elite investor groups.

But before I refer you, please realize that membership into this club isn’t available to lazy people.

It’s not available to people that don’t have at least $15,000 to invest.

It’s not available to those who won’t learn new skills. But what good club is?

Here’s how you can join this club… and get on the fast track to earning hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars – from your investments.

As you read this, my friend Marin Katusa has just published an incredible report on a company that’s about to disrupt an $80 billion industry with its cutting-edge technology.

This technology will kick off a modern day gold rush that could hand early investors over 2,000% gains in the long term.

And this technology – code named Independence Day Royalties will start to go into effect after July 4th.

Which means it’s extremely time sensitive.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Marin is putting the finishing touches on a new company recommendation that will be published on Independence Day 2018.

This is an important club to me that has made me millions.  Be rich.  Be wise.  Join the Club.

Why Having Access to Marin Katusa’s ideas is More Important than Ever…

I believe the next 12-24 months will be a historic era in our company’s history.

Through my connection to Marin Katusa, Future Money Trends readers are able to access an incredible new opportunity called “Independence Day Royalties.”

This is a company that will look to clip a fee from every single transaction in an $80 billion dollar industry.

And the great news is, for a limited time, you’re able to get in VERY EARLY to the game by investing BEFORE this company’s technology starts running in earnest on July 4th.

But that’s only ONE major opportunity.

Yesterday, Marin called me urgently to tell me about another HUGE opportunity that he’s been working on for 18 months.

And the timing has reached a critical juncture.

On Independence Day 2018 my friend Marin Katusa will drop a second bombshell research report that he said is “one of the most important pieces of research I have ever produced.”

He’s convinced this new buy recommendation will become the next 10-fold winner in his track record.

You know that royalty companies like Royal Gold and Silver Wheaton can be incredible investments.

Well, this recommendation is like a royalty company on steroids.

There is not a single research report about this company in the world. It’s currently private. And I am one of the few people in the world who has access to the data.
People that sign up for Marin’s service Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, will be the first in the world to hear about this opportunity.

He believes this stock will offer you the opportunity to make at least 5 to 10 times your money over the next 3-5 years.

And I will be investing in it personally.

This might sound like an aggressive projection, but it’s actually conservative. Similar royalty stock opportunities in the past have made early investors 23 times their money in Royal Gold…and 113 times their money in Silver Wheaton.

Back in 2007, Marin participated in the financing of Sandstorm Gold (another royalty company where he was among the first to hear about it).

Within five years, the company returned over 1,800% to early shareholders.

Royalty companies make their best acquisitions (and thus fortunes) in tough markets. And this private company is focusing on one such market right now.

I guarantee you won’t hear about this amazing opportunity anywhere else.
Once again, through Katusa Research, Future Money Trends is first to bring you not one, but two incredible royalty stories.

But you don’t have much time.

Marin is making a special offer available only to Future Money Trends members until Tuesday June 26th at Midnight Pacific Time.

To learn more, click here right now.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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