I Predict Gold Will Head Straight to $1,573 in the Spring of 2018

Dear Reader,

This is it!

Gold is on the verge of its biggest breakout since early 2016.

Everything is in place for a very bullish upturn in the cycle.

It set a low in December of 2015 at $1,045, it continues to build up a nice base here in the $1,300s, and it is now days away from lifting off higher than I think any gold investor is ready for.

The mining shares, in my opinion, are going to go ballistic. They’re not only leveraged to the gold price, but as money flows into the sector, it will be like a tidal wave trying to fit through a garden hose.

Gold just hit a 52-week high, and this next rally is going to be like raging fire,with 18 months of support ready for the next major leg up.

Jeffrey Gundlach, who made $4 billion from the sub-prime crisis, told CNBC this week that he’s expecting a $1,000+ move for gold.

I haven’t seen a set-up this good since the fall of 2015 when we saw a 687% gain over the next 6 months for what was, at the time, our favorite mining stock.

This Sunday, we are going to reveal our next big pick!

Be ready, because these types of set-ups almost never happen. In fact, we really haven’t seen anything like this for gold since the 1970s.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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