They’re Coming to Steal Everything

Dear Reader,

The economy is not working out for a lot of people.  Unfortunately, millions of Millennials have been absolutely brainwashed into thinking stealing is normal.

Tax the rich! Take their money and use it for how the collective mob sees fit.  As they chant tolerance and peace, they enforce violence, hate, and division.

They are blind to the racism that spews out of their ignorant mouths.  A recent video of an anti-capitalism rally has surfaced that is very disturbing, and it seems to be a trend amongst many of the protesters at our colleges today.  The speaker is screaming into a megaphone, “White people, give us your f***** money, your f****** house, your f****** property, we need it f****** all!”

While talking about capitalism, protesters can be heard yelling “reparations” and “burn it down.”

Coincidentally, and a very common theme with these idiots and elites in the media, is the previous speaker declaring that they don’t support any discrimination as they then demand stealing from others based on skin color.

I remember at a Liberty conference in 2012, Doug Casey describing the U.S.’ social state as being like a pressure cooker that will one day completely implode on itself.  He went on to say, “Make as much money as you can, as fast as you can.”

The mob that is rising up in the United States is supported politically by the Oligarchs.

Between voting in their violence and demanding more theft through taxation and centrally planned wealth distribution, and worked up mobs who will lash out at police or dissenting political views, this group reminds me of the show The Walking Dead. Only these are the walking thieves.

Like their zombie counterparts, these people are absolutely brain-dead.

But guess what; brain-dead people get to vote, too.

And with the support of the media and many in our own government crossing the line and defying the basic rules of law, like respecting property and your own person, I fear Doug Casey will be right, and it will all implode into civil chaos.

We are literally one financial crisis away from witnessing multi-city riots in the U.S. and a halt to essential services in some major cities.

I personally think we have years left to prepare, but the writing is on the wall.  It’s why we do recommend that our readers prepare for the worst-case scenario, but with much more enthusiasm, we encourage you to take your financial security to the next level.

By having your financial house in order now and accumulating wealth, you can not only buy your freedom, but you may even be able to escape the insanity that could take place in this country.

The rich, like in 3rd-world countries, have the means to shield themselves during economic collapse.

I know this isn’t the typical message from us, but I think it needed to be said.

Honestly, watching this video made me sick, but it also gave me tremendous motivation to over-deliver for every one of you reading this letter. is going to do everything we can to fast-track your wealth accumulation.

We are about to release two new stock suggestions over the coming days. Both are going to be important companies we want to partner with in order to supercharge your wealth.

Be ready, because I want to make 2017 the biggest year you’ve ever experienced financially.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri