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I want to simplify retirement, because I think Wall Street and the U.S. government have really confused this entire idea. They have been mucking it up with 401(k)s, IRAs, social security, and this idea that all things retirement depend on you handing your money over to someone else in the hopes that they will give you a decent return when you leave the labor force.

I’ve said enough on mutual funds, which are a total scam, so if you need to read more on that, click here. Outside of avoiding the obvious scams, here are some good ideas for funding your retirement savings.

1. Buy a Single-Family House to Rent Out

If you bought a $250,000 home today, in 3 decades this home will likely be worth more than a million dollars.

To purchase it, you’ll need about $50,000. This will leave you with a $200,000 balance, on a quarter of a million-dollar asset. However, don’t worry about paying off the loan, because your tenant will. Allow your tenants and time to generate the wealth building, and in 30 years, you’ll have a million-dollar asset and some serious cash flow, because not only will the house rise in value, so will the rental income.

Using leverage to buy real estate allows you to have the income and growth from an asset, where you only fronted 20% of the cost. However, you get all the benefits of the full asset value. This is a far greater alternative to gambling in the stock market with a 401(k).

2. Build a Dividend Machine in the Best Business in the World

Insurance is no doubt the best business in the world. Nowhere else do you receive a full payment for services every single month that you may never even have to provide. Insurance is collecting premiums, giving the companies a huge cash position for real estate developments, lending, and expanding their profitable business.

It’s why we recommend a very specific strategy using 7702 accounts, one that only 1% of insurance agents have any knowledge of, and even less have been trained on how to do it. Hidden from the public are specialized accounts that the wealthy use to hoard money and receive large dividends from the insurance companies themselves, where the shareholders are the policy owners.

The best part is the money is guaranteed, and these ultra-safe businesses have been consistently paying out dividends for over 150 years without even 1 interruption. Today they yield about 5x that of a CD, but once rates rise, so will their yields, compounding your investment at a guaranteed return. To learn more about these, visit

3. Buy Tax Liens

Sure, it will take a little effort — more than just throwing it at a mutual fund that’s going to steal your money — but you can easily make 15-25% returns by investing in property tax liens.

Here’s the deal: the local governments need money to operate, so when a homeowner fails to pay their taxes, the government sends these back taxes to auction, where investors can buy them. This funds the government and puts the investor in a situation where the government becomes their collection agency. It’s one they can’t get out of, as a tax lien is usually the first lien. Even in a foreclosure, it has to be paid in full, with penalties, before a house can be sold.

The owners, who usually end up paying their taxes, will have to pay a penalty for being late – a fee that is demanded and collected by the government and paid out to the investor with his full principal. Each state is different in how they collect, and ideally you want to stay local, but this is something anyone can do and receive a great return.

This money in our Premium Members area we will be covering tax liens extensively in our Cash Flow for Life letter that comes out on the first Thursday of every month.

Summary: Look to yourself when it comes to funding your retirement. Certainly, financial advisors can help, and should be used for strategic planning, but never surrender your entire retirement or savings plan to outsiders who collect commissions.

Right now, Americans have very little saved for retirement, and the funds that they do have are with people who have a conflict of interest and for decades have over-promised and under-delivered, with high fees eating away at their clients’ accounts.

This is nonsense, and this plan has failed tens of millions of baby boomers and will fail nearly all 80 million millennials if they don’t decide to chart their own retirement course.

Best Regards,
Daniel Ameduri

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