Creating Wealth

Dear Reader,

The choice to buy one’s freedom is admirable.  Governments, politicians, and, unfortunately, the press have done a really good job at giving the perception that rich people are bad and if you do have money, you should feel guilty.  Hillary Clinton went as far as suggesting that a business owner’s success wasn’t their success and that they didn’t truly build the business.

When it comes to wealth, financial or health, it ultimately means options.

Through plenty of research and application, I can tell you that there are 3 definitive ways to get rich – 3 ways to have that much deserved financial independence.

1. The slow way (30 to 50 years)
2. Overnight (gambling)
3. With certainty (7 to 10 years)

Let’s start with #1. It’s the one most are familiar with, and a strategy that I think everyone should have as a backup plan.  Getting rich slowly is easy: be frugal with your money, live below your means, and invest in income strategies that compound your wealth.  In 30 to 40 years, you’ll be a millionaire and be financially-free.

#2… Overnight success, through gambling and extreme speculation (all-in).  It’s possible, but the odds are you’ll live a life of severe swings, ups and downs, going from broke to rich and then broke again.  Gambling is also addictive, so if you do make a ton of money from it, you’ll likely lose it all quickly.

Remember, whether it deals with actual gamblers or uber-wealthy traders in the stock market, you typically only hear about the big gains they’ve made, and not the larger losses and hundreds of smaller ones that have destroyed their net worth.

#3 is my favorite, because it’s how my wife and I did it.

It’s also the strategy we teach here at Future Money Trends, both through our Weekly Wealth Digest and micro-cap speculations.  If disciplined, I have no doubt that you’ll likely be financially independent in less than 7 years. 10 years would really be the worst-case scenario.

Before you invest a penny, you need to slash expenses and truly live below your means. You see, most people think cutting some basic spending is living frugally, but it’s not if you want to declare financial independence.

12 years ago, my wife and I literally moved out of the area we could afford and into a neighborhood that was ridiculously cheap relative to our income.  Even after achieving a million-dollar net worth in 2011, we continued to live in a home we had just purchased the year prior for $95,000! In fact, we paid it off completely and went on to save 90% of our income in 2012.

As we aggressively saved and invested, we began to enjoy the fruits of our labor by going on over 100 days of vacation in 2013. But we were still very focused. I was driving a 2003 Nissan Altima and my wife had a 2011 Yukon.  For every penny that didn’t go into a house or car, we compounded our wealth with rental property, first trust deeds, whole life insurance, and speculative investments.

Here is what our strategy came down to.

  • Say no to all debt
  • Extreme saving – 25% of your monthly income should be on the low end!
  • A real cut to expenses (housing, TV, travel, and vehicles)

I would add dining out to this, but anyone who knows me would know that it would be hypocritical for me to say that. Even though it’s a great idea to cut out restaurants, I’m an absolute food whore, and that’s one thing I never gave up.

It may seem problematic to live on 75% (or even 50%) of your income, but that’s actually good, because solving big problems and always thinking about what the solution is is the mind of the rich.

To accomplish financial independence in less than 7 years will take social sacrifice. People may even think you’re poor for driving around in a beaten up vehicle, but who cares. Let that go, because at the end of the tunnel is a true peace of mind.  No one is getting out of here alive anyways, so if your friends want to live paycheck to paycheck for 30 years instead of sucking it up and getting rich like you in less than 7, then that’s their choice.

I was laughed at many times while building up my wealth. In 2012, I remember telling a group of people at a party that I shopped at Costco and Ross for clothes. They thought I was joking… I wasn’t.  The truth is I bet I made more money that month than most of them in a year, and I just swallowed my pride and let them laugh. Their path was not my path, and I was fine with that.

One year, I remember being forced into going to the worst fine dining restaurant in my life, some place where they boil your meat (Melting Pot). When the bill came, a party of 10 wanted to split it up evenly. I pointed out that I didn’t drink any alcohol, and that was half the bill. I was called a penny pincher that night, and one person was visibly frustrated with my non-compliance into their plan for me to chip in to everyone else’s bill. And you know what, rather than seeing this as an insult, I felt like it was a compliment. It’s true, I wasn’t wasting money – I was focusing on becoming rich!

One thing every reader should know is that the very act of focusing on this can bring about dramatic results in under 1 year. For many of you reading this who are high income earners, you can do this a lot quicker if you’re willing to physically move.  It doesn’t have to be out of state; it could be in the same city, in a neighborhood that may be less desirable for your income level.

If you’re young, like I was when I started, this is a no-brainer, temporary financial sacrifice in exchange for a lifetime of freedom.  In addition to what I’ve already mentioned to build wealth in less than 7 years, we’re also going to use small publicly-traded companies to supercharge your wealth.

We’ll be strategically partnering with the right people, who have a reputation for success and getting things done.  This weekend, we will be introducing our members to an entirely new sector. It’s going to be a must-own for our members, and due to our own reputation, it will ultimately become one of the go-to stocks for its industry.

It’s a cash-gushing business, booming with high profits.  Be ready, because fortune favors the bold!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri