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In Thomas J. Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Mind, he revealed some key values of millionaires. After surveying 1,300 high-net-worth individuals, as well as conducting follow-up interviews, here are the 5 key factors millionaires attributed their success:

  1. Integrity – being honest with people
  2. Discipline – applying self-control
  3. Social skills – getting along with people
  4. A supportive spouse
  5. Hard work – more than most people

Discipline and integrity are at the top of the list, along with getting along with others. Mastering cooperation with others is one of the best lessons I can share with you – synergy in business and wealth-building is extremely important.

And having the integrity to be brutally honest, correct your own mistakes, and truly try and make your client, customer, boss or whoever you deliver value to happy will give you success and peace of mind in all matters.

My favorite from the study is #4: choice of spouse. I’ve written about this before; it’s a powerful force to have two people pushing towards the same objective.

Courage was also a high factor, and something that I have heard from Rick Rule often. He’s mentioned to me on more than a few occasions about forcing yourself to overcome your emotions when investing, or being able to have the courage to buy low.

#5 on the list is hard work, and I think this is where monetizing your life’s passion or hobby comes in. Getting rich should be fun, rather than a chore, so above anything else, do everything you can to do what you love!

Every day, I research and write about new ideas to benefit our subscribers, and every day, I tell my children daddy’s going to go play now. I never tell them I am headed off to work, because the truth is I love what I do. Since I was in the 3rd grade, I wanted to learn about money, investing, and anything to do with business.

I was not a nerd at all, but I did enjoy riding my skateboard to Barnes & Noble to sit down and read the finance section for a few hours. I don’t know… in hindsight, maybe that is kind of being a nerd.

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Daniel Ameduri