Weekly Wealth Digest New Dear Member, With the Republicans taking over in the Senate, a lot of talk is rising again about America’s national debt. The number you will hear is $18 trillion, a jaw dropping number. To give you an idea on how big a trillion is, here is a good illustration: [su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#0000″]

  • 1 Thousand seconds ago was 16 minutes, 40 seconds ago.
  • 1 Million seconds was 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds ago
  • 1 Billion seconds was just over 31 and a half years ago
  • 1 Trillion seconds was 31,688 years ago.

[/su_list] Stunning, isn’t it? A billion seconds ago was 1983, but a trillion seconds ago was 29,674 B.C.! 18 trillion dollars would be a jaw dropping number if that was the end of the story, but it’s not. You see, when any of our businesses or personal financial statements are under review, we have to legally account for all of our debt. In fact, even state and local governments are held to this standard. Everyone is… except the federal government. When applying common legal accounting practices, the real debt hanging over America’s head is $115 trillion! This is why Ben Bernanke said that we will never see interest rates normalized in his lifetime. The kicker in this whole mess is that the entire monetary system is dollar-based, so even though the U.S. is running around bankrupt, this will continue until the world is ready for a massive shift to a new system. Something that could cause riots worldwide, wars, and extreme volatility in the markets – even a global depression. This dollar paradigm shift will likely be postponed for as long as possible, but make no doubt, the end of the dollar dominance will happen in our lifetimes. To properly get your own financial house in order, has created a premium membership area where you will receive regular updates on the economy, safe income strategies, and ways to hedge your wealth against unprecedented volatility. Click here to profit from the coming paradigm shift. Best Regards, gif Daniel Ameduri President,