Dear Members,

The characteristics that make the best performing companies to own over the long-term are quite simple with accounting knowledge.

After studying the best performing companies in history, FMT Advisory has deduced the one metric that stands out above all, and that metric is the companies that can earn high returns on equity capital and continually reinvest their earnings in high return on equity capital endeavors are far and away the best performing companies in history.

Today, FMT Advisory has positions in companies that not only earn ridiculous returns on equity capital but they also have long runways for high returns on equity capital… with leaders that have demonstrably made folks millionaires in the past by investing alongside them.

And these select companies will be, all too likely, the winning companies for those that truly want to increase their wealth sustainably over the long-term. It’s too bad that the vast majority of folks will never own them, including folks on our member list unless you establish a relationship with us soon (and you should contact us relatively soon because these companies sell well under their intrinsic values today)!

You can get on board with our New Economy Revolution, where we connect our money and our member-clients’ monies to the best assets – with the most exemplary teams compounding them, by simply starting your journey with our Fiduciary status and low-cost approach by contacting us right here.

unnamedPlease tell your friends, family, and colleagues to join FMT Advisory’s New Economy Revolution.

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Nicholas Green
CEO & Chief Investment Strategist