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Dear Member,

There is one mistake I don’t want you to make that I see thousands of our own members making right now. I know this because I read over a hundred emails a week with a single concern. It’s actually a concern I share with you, but how we respond to it can make or break our family’s financial future.

The world economy is out of balance. A currency war has broken out, and the U.S. is on an unsustainable course. This is something we all need to prepare and plan for, especially when it comes to our ability to generate income and where we choose to store our wealth.

However, what will go down as the biggest mistake of many people’s lives is betting that this crisis will last forever.

Worse than trying to time the stock market is taking your entire net worth and preparing for a crisis that will last for months, years, or even decades… as if a global economic crisis will turn the world into The Walking Dead.

Looking back at WW1, WW2, Vietnam, the Great Depression, 1970s, Cold War and the Dot-com crash, America and the stock market have been through a lot.

For other countries, like Germany, they’ve been through hyperinflation. Two wars have been fought on their soil that left the country in shambles, took down the Berlin Wall, and led to reunification.

Japan saw two atomic bombs dropped on their tiny nation. However, today, I would choose to live in the beautiful city of Hiroshima over the crumbling city of Detroit.

My point is that the world will have this crisis escalate, peak, and then probably move on to the next crisis, of which we aren’t even thinking about today.

Many gold investors I speak with only own physical gold, but how is this going to better your life? Okay, so in real terms, gold goes to $3,000 an ounce… how does doubling your wealth change your life? It doesn’t, in my opinion. Which is why we have created the Smart Money Membership, a place where we generate extra income ideas every month with businesses that cash flow, and forever stock positions.

Does anyone here reading this believe that due to a collapse in our current monetary system that humans will stop buying toilet paper, cancel their Internet services, or forget about going to the grocery store? Of course not, and that is why regardless of global uncertainty, a safer bet than the crisis lasting forever is the bet that humans will continue to be human.

And that is why we are buying businesses through the stock market and creating our own private enterprises. Because no matter who is the president or what is world reserve currency is, people still have needs and desires, and businesses will respond by delivering for their customers.

I more than anything else want you to be successful and grow your net worth during the crisis and after it!

Best Regards,


Daniel Ameduri