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Yesterday, we sent an alert confirming our thoughts that the new bull market in gold had started.  I recently spoke to Craig Hemke, precious metal analyst at

Craig monitors the daily moves of the COMEX, and literally every tick for the gold price.  What he has observed is a complete collapse of the physical gold available in the COMEX. In the past 10 years, registered available gold is down to 74,000 ounces, a decline of 98% in the past decade.

Mr. Hemke sees a major shift coming, with extreme tightness in the gold market. has also pointed to the supply concerns and a real geological shortage noted by Goldman Sachs in their report about peak gold.  Forgive us for sounding the alarm, but we are certain about the fundamentals here, and honestly, it’s all green.

Remember, the resource shares are down 95%, so the upside here for investors is enormous!

Click here to listen to our interview with Craig Hemke.  We also suggest you read our special report and stock recommendation for Nevada Exploration (TSXV: NGE & US: NVDEF).

We’ve seen a huge move of wealthy insiders into this stock in the past several months, to the point that a single family owns over 30% of the company!  Click here to read our full profile of this time-sensitive opportunity.

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