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I had one of the most insightful interviews with Marin Katusa today.  Marin is one of the top names in the resource sector and is sought after by hedge funds and billionaires for his ideas and strategies.

During our interview, we discussed what is driving the resource shares and gold today.  We also discussed a NEW strategy he is using with his funds that is being revealed publicly for the first time during our interview.

Update: The Cheapest Stock We’ve Ever Profiled
Truly, the more I look at Energy Fuels (UUUU), the more I am convinced of how right we will be proven with this deep-value stock recommendation. Shares are currently up 13% from our suggested price, but this company has a long way to go before it’s fairly valued, in my opinion.
Read our full profile here. Look for a complete update on all of our 2016 stock suggestions this week.
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