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The next crisis is here. It’s happening right now. Commodities have collapsed, the world is weeks away from being in an official recession, and markets around the world are crashing!

China sentiment is weak, and the dollar surge continues. As we have been forecasting all year, the U.S. Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates, and like Bernanke himself stated, rates won’t normalize for at least the next two decades.

Here’s the problem: the U.S. is entering a recession, and investors need to consider that between 2008 and 2015, none of the previous crisis issues have been resolved. In fact, nothing has been normalized – daily interventions and a zero-percent interest rate policy are still in effect.

Due to the recent Chinese devaluation and the collapse in economic activity, is now forecasting sub-1% 10-year Treasury yields.

The success of papering over the global debt crisis is becoming unglued.  For the past 3 years, we’ve archived all of our income ideas that are completely outside of Wall Street and traditional investments. We’ve also identified the safest crash-proof businesses in the world. Now is the time prepare your portfolio and income accordingly.

Short-Term Speculation

September will see increased volatility in the stock market. The FED doesn’t raise rates, however. Outside of a 1- to 3-day rally, the selling we have seen in the stock market, energy, and base metals will continue until the FED steps in deeper by supporting a negative-yield treasury market.

A significant pullback in U.S. stocks is possible, but we believe the stock market is a must-win for the FED, so despite volatility, we believe the Dow Jones will be closer to 20,000 a year from now, rather than closer to 10,000.

What to Do Right Now

For years, we have been suggesting members to start hoarding and socking away cash in specialized accounts. The same ones being used by Vice President Biden, President Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, former CIA director Porter Goss, and ALL of the top banks in the world.

You can learn more about these accounts here. These cash hoards will be needed as an opportunity fund in the very near term.

Phone Consultations

We believe these next few months are critical, so FMT is opening up our phone lines. If you would like to speak with a publisher, please email us at support@ to schedule a call. If you would like to speak specifically with Nicholas Green, who is a contributor and fiduciary advisor, please call him directly at 888-649-6556.

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