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I write today from the San Francisco Silver Summit, hosted this year by Katusa Research. We will have some great interviews with billionaires, famous speculators, and some of the world’s top investors, who I believe are going to help you create an enormous amount of wealth over the next 12 to 24 months.

In addition to finance, we also spoke with Brandy Vaughn, a former Merck employee who is now a leading anti-vaccine activist. After speaking with her, I am reminded that the cronyism and manipulation never ends. In all aspects of our lives — at least the conditioned perspective that our government and corporate media want us to believe — is total BS.

Remember the “2015 measles outbreak?” There were a total of 189 cases for 2015 in the U.S., according to the CDC. I remember when my father, who watches the news for hours a day, called to tell me to avoid crowds because there was a real epidemic. I saw friends post on their social networking sites, calling out the parents who have chosen to not vaccinate, as dangerous and ignorant of medical science.

Of course, watching the public get manipulated is nothing new, but I tend not to track anything outside of my own areas of interest. This is why I found it interesting when she informed me that last year, we had over 600 cases of the measles (3 time more than 2015 cases), the year prior, nearly 200, but this year, the national media was going crazy about a major outbreak of what is dramatically less than last year’s cases.

In my home state of Texas, it was 1 person out of 27 million! Yet there was my 70-year-old father, worked up over a measles panic.

Looking back at the story, Disneyland of California was where this media-inflated panic started, so it was no coincidence, in my opinion, that it was in California where a mandatory vaccine bill had just been introduced. It was where the government would ban religious exemptions, and force school-aged children to receive 40 vaccines!

Vaccines, by the way, have the highest profit margins in the pharmaceutical industry. And now they are mandatory for the nation’s most populous state. By the way, it’s interesting that as soon as the bill was passed and signed by the governor, the great measles outbreak of 2015 just completely disappeared from headlines.

Whether it is your tax-deferred retirement plan that encourages regular buying on Wall Street, your home interest deduction which encourages borrowing and home buying, or the outright mandatory law to buy health insurance from private businesses, in all aspects of our lives, the powers that be are doing everything they can to manipulate us and make themselves richer, with greater and greater control.

When we started this letter, it was to help others climb out of the “matrix” and determine their own destiny. 5 years later, our research points to an even greater need to do just that. You must choose your own destiny, live your own life, and most importantly, think for yourself!

Be Free,




Daniel Ameduri