Dear Future Money Trends Reader,

I’m writing you with urgent news.  It’s about a brand new way to make money in gold and resource stocks.

My friend Marin Katusa is about to invest $20 million in a tiny group of gold and resource stocks. He expects to triple his money in these stocks, at minimum. A 500% gain is possible.

I believe this is important news for you because Marin has created a way for you to profit alongside him.  If you’ve been reading Future Money Trends for a while, you know Marin is becoming a legend in in the resource industry.

Starting from scratch, he has made millions and millions of dollars investing in the market’s smallest gold and resource stocks. He also runs one of the most successful natural resource hedge funds in Canada.

Marin and an exclusive group of investors who follow his work have scored over 30 triple and quadruple digit winners over the past 13 years. For example, he made a 4,160% gain in Prophecy Resources… a 2,440% gain in Lithium One… and a 1,050% gain in Copper Mountain Mining.

Marin is sort of a “secret weapon” for me when it comes to gold and resource stocks. He’s turned me on to huge winners like Brazil Resources (up 452 since it was mentioned in Future Money Trends) and First Mining Finance (up 176% since it was mentioned).

The good news for you is, Marin has created a way for you to get the names and details of his favorite resource stocks. Marin says he has found a small group of gold stocks that could soar more than 500% in the next three years.  I’ve reviewed what Marin is doing. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s fantastic. People are going to make a lot of money with him.

When I heard about Marin’s new project, I called him up and made sure you’re among the first people to get access to itBecause you’re a Future Money Trends reader, you’re getting first crack at this incredible opportunity. But if you’re interested, I encourage you to act very soon.

This opportunity is available for a short time. You can learn how to access Marin’s ideas right here.


Daniel Ameduri