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When it comes to cash savings, my favorite place to store liquid currency is inside of a mutual insurance company. Most of them are household names, but what many are unaware of is that these private companies have been around for over 150 years, and have never missed a dividend payment!

New York Life is one of these mutual insurance companies, founded in 1845! In 2008, when hundreds of banks were shutting down and the world’s largest banks were demanding bailouts from taxpayers, New York Life and other mutual insurance companies had zero need of any bailout. And when offered TARP money, they didn’t take a single dime.

The business of insurance is without a doubt the safest and most cash-gushing business on earth. It’s even how Warren Buffet built his empire – through the ownership of insurance companies.

The insurance business is unique in that it collects payment from its customers in exchange for promising to come to their customers’ aid in a time of unforeseen circumstances. Or, in the case of life insurance, they provide insurance based off a very calculated risk, where the insurance company, in all likelihood, knows when you are expected to die.

These are wonderful companies that provide a great service, and for their whole life insurance policy owners, they even share in the profits through a dividend payment.

A strategy that has been long used by the 1% is a strategy called over-funded cash value life insurance. It has many other names, the two most popular being Bank on Yourself and Infinite Banking.

By ignoring the life insurance or treating it as the icing on the cake, savers and investors can maximize their cash value with a whole life insurance policy. This results in receiving about a 4.5% to 5.5% internal rate of return, potentially without ever having to pay taxes on it.

Your cash value is lawsuit-proof, even from the IRS. It is also fully accessible either through direct withdrawal or a policy loan, which is approved with zero application process, since it is your cash value that is used as the collateral for the loan. It is literally a no-risk loan from the insurance company. The kicker is if you set it up correctly, even as you take money out through a policy loan, the money inside your policy is still compounding at a rate 5x higher than a traditional savings account in a bank.

We highly recommend you contact a licensed professional who understands how to set these policies up. I have personally interviewed over a dozen life insurance agents, and only one of them even had a clue of what I was trying to do. It really is a strategy used by the rich, and it takes an agent who specializes in this strategy to do it properly.

To learn more about these policies, you can contact FMT Advisory, Paradigm Life, or Bank on Yourself Inc. All of these companies will be able to help you out and make this powerful savings strategy part of your life.

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