Dear Reader,

Part of being free is your mindset. Don’t allow the government to interfere with your daily decisions or plans. As much as you can, ignore the state, because it is NOT all powerful and omnipresent. Live your life to the fullest. If you have children, homeschool them if you can, to avoid further dilution of our population by sending them to schools that worship the state and its many leaders who are responsible for the death of millions.

You’re going to have to get rich, as this is the only fool-proof way to be free.

Don’t let the busybodies upset you or get under your skin; the fact is these sociopaths rule the world and are going to legally steal from you. So there is no reason to try and vote your way to freedom… it’s a misallocation of time and energy. Instead, focus on living a quality life with your loved ones.

The biggest act of liberty you can do for yourself is to acknowledge your own sovereignty.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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