Full Update on Our 2016 Stock Suggestions “We’re Going to See a Monstrous Run”

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Dear Reader,

2016 is the birth of the new bull market for resource shares, specifically precious metals stocks, who are leading this rally.  We have given you 10 suggestions this year, 7 of which we still recommend for further accumulation.  Getting into this sector now while it is still at a historical bottom — yet now officially in an uptrend — is truly one of the greatest ways to make a fortune.

With that said, here is our full track record for 2016.Percentage gains are from suggested price to yesterday’s close.

Considers Adding Additional Shares

First Mining Finance TSXV: FF & US: FFMGF (Up 126%)
Just announced yet another new acquisition on Monday
They’re on pace to accumulate nearly 15 million ounces of gold by early summer. With this latest transaction, First Mining is quickly becoming a dominant holder of significant undeveloped gold assets in northwestern Ontario, Canada, a region where 10s of millions of ounces have been produced.

Do NOT miss this one. In my opinion, this is going to be a big winner for us. Its portfolio at this point makes it a likely takeover target once gold crosses $1,500 per ounce, in my opinion.

First Majestic Silver NYSE: AG (Up 383%)
The best position and the safest, in my opinion, to profit from silver’s rise.

Endeavor Silver NYSE: EXK (Up 286%)
Primary silver producer with exceptional management.

Brazil Resources TSXV: BRI & US: BRIZF (Up 177%)
Just expanded their gold resources, now over 12 million ounces! Rick Rule said on BNN last week that he thinks it’s headed much higher!

Cantor Fitzgerald just increased their price target this morning to $3.30 per share!

Callinex Mines TSXV: CNX & US: CLLXF (Up 67%)
With three new acquisitions just announced, this is firming up to be a real winner for speculators looking for a gold, silver, zinc, and copper exploration company.

Zinc is ready to surge higher, in our opinion, and we believe CNX will be a big beneficiary. With a zinc rich portfolio, CNX is a must for our portfolios, in my opinion. CEO Max Porterfield is a rising star in the sector, who I suggest readers attach themselves to now.

Nevada Exploration NGE Update (Up 120%)
We’ve always said this is our gold lottery ticket play. If successful, this company will be a complete game-changer to the entire mining sector!

Energy Fuels NYSE: UUUU (Up 13%)
On track to be the #2 uranium producer in the U.S., and from a valuation analysis, the cheapest stock we’ve ever profiled. The processing facilities for this company are in far excess of their current market cap.

Positions we recommend as holds, but at this time we are not suggesting additional shares. 

Auryn Resources TSXV: AUG (Up 51%)

Lithium X TSXV: LIX (Up 79%)

Potash Ridge TSXV:PRK (Down 11%)

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Daniel Ameduri
President, FutureMoneyTrends.com

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