Stock Suggestion Update:
We’re Up 148% in 9 Months — Why the Potential is a Lot Higher!

Dear Reader,

Let me start this letter by saying this gold stock suggestion will either be our biggest winner or a complete laggard in this bull market. It’s speculative, and we consider it the most highly educated lottery ticket available to investors.

If successful, it will be an absolute game changer for the gold mining industry, and most specifically, the state of Nevada, where about 3/4th of gold in the U.S. comes from.

Here’s why we think everyone should own Nevada Exploration (TSXV: NGE & US: NVDEF). Over half of Nevada remains underexplored, and since 1859, over 300 million ounces of gold have been discovered! The 60% of Nevada that hasn’t been effectively explored  is covered in the state’s valleys.

According to Wade Hodges, who has been instrumental in the discovery of 30 million ounces of gold in Nevada, it is both reasonable and logical that just as much gold is in the valleys of Nevada as there is the mountains.

Nevada Exploration (NGE) is using a groundwater chemistry methodology for exploration. Of the 35 known gold mines sampled by NGE as part of an orientation study, 94% were identified by NGE’s technology.

The company has used this data and research to identify over 20 targets. Here’s what’s important, and why I refer to NGE as a potential lottery ticket.

Over the next 6 months, NGE will be drilling, and if they have just one good drill hole, it literally validates ALL of the company’s other targets. They will have proven to be able to make a gold discovery where no one else was even willing to try!

One good drill hole in the area recently took a tiny gold stock to nearly a billion-dollar market cap. NGE, with its small number of shares outstanding, would have a share price of over $10 if it had the same market capitalization from drill results in Nevada.

They’ve also picked up a strategic shareholder in the past few weeks, Mr. Tao Feng. He’s a significant resource insider who founded New Margin Ventures, a $3 billion fund. Mr. Feng has been ranked in the top five of the “Top 50 venture capital investors in China” by Forbes Magazine from 2009 to 2015.

There is a major development that is happening right now with a large cap mining company in Australia that is tied directly to the NGE story. I’ll have a full update for you next week, as well as a new interview with Wade Hodges.

Our original alert last October for the company was at CAD$0.25.
Currently, shares are up 148%, trading for CAD$0.62 ($0.48USD)

We are suggesting our members hold a position in Nevada Exploration,
knowing that it is a riskier play.

Consider buying shares of NGE up to CAD$0.75 (U.S. shares NVDEF up to $0.58)

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: I have taken a significant position in this company, and I am long NGE.

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