2016 Results Will Lead to a Market Crash

Dear Reader,

If Trump wins, the establishment will throw a tantrum like they did with BREXIT, and markets will probably pull back. This will actually be a good thing, as gold will rise, the FED will keep rates the same, and we will all step into the unknown as an agent of change attempts to pierce one of the most corrupt systems on earth. The oligarchy and deep state that control our media, major corporations, and politicians, are made up of sociopaths and sellouts.

A Clinton win, in the short-term would probably mean stability, since there is essentially no transfer of power and she’s the pick Wall Street paid for.

However, we believe that a market crash in December would greatly increase with Clinton becoming the president. There could even be a rate hike, because remember, this would all be under President Obama, and Clinton is the type of person who would prefer to inherit a crisis than to see one unfold on her watch.

The underpinnings of the economy are already on edge, so it won’t take much.  This, of course, is all pure speculation. But what does give me confidence is that no one is expecting a crash if Clinton wins, and markets tend to do the opposite of expectations in the short-run.

Remember how the U.K. economy would collapse if they voted to leave the EU? Well, guess what: those economists were all wrong. GDP in the U.K. grew at a faster rate than anyone expected post-BREXIT.

We are expecting a violent move in the markets shortly after the election, be ready!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri