Dear Reader,

Last night, I was up into the early hours of the morning sifting through the projects of our recent gold stock suggestion. I told you Sunday that if I had to put all my money in one stock, this is it.

At about 2AM, I was reviewing our research to see if there was anything we missed that could have helped our subscribers understand the situation with this small gold stock… and sitting under a few empty coffee cups was a report by SRK Consulting.  It showed that First Mining Finance’s Spring Pole project had a pre-tax net present value of $579 million!!!

In fact, the previous owner of Springpole had a market capitalization a few years ago of $375 million, and all they had was this project. They didn’t have FF’s current 25 projects, nor a successful legend like Keith Neumeyer as the Chairman.

This one asset alone could justify the entire market capitalization of the company, which is currently under $200 million. Earlier in the evening last night, I called up Keith Neumeyer to see if I could get an update directly from him. However, he quickly told me he had to go since he was in a packed room in Carlsbad, California, speaking to Rick Rule’s clients at Sprott USA.

First Mining Finance (TSXV: FF & US: FFMGF) is the real deal, and I don’t want our members to miss out on an opportunity like this.  The last time investors partnered with Keith Neumeyer with just $10,000, they could have turned their investment into $1.2 million!

Gold is about to go vertical, in my opinion, and the insiders are taking strategic positions with Keith. In fact, Keith Neumeyer alone has purchased over 7 million shares of First Mining Finance on the open market!

Please read our full and complete profile of First Mining Finance here, or go to their website. Also, if you haven’t had a chance, listen to Keith’s most recent interview last Sunday with

Best Regards,
Daniel Ameduri