Dear Reader,

We have seen spectacular returns in 2016, and there is a lot more to come.  Here are 3 thoughts I want to share with our members as we continue to increase all of our net-worths with this letter.

1. Bull markets do have corrections. In fact, a healthy bull market has to have them, otherwise it’s just bubble mania before a collapse.

When it comes to these tiny gold and silver shares we’ve been buying up, a correction of up to 25% would be normal. Keep this in mind, because the last thing we want is for people to either get scared out of a position or, on the flip side, enter a euphoric state as these stocks double and triple.

We are in bull market, so enjoy it and consider adding to high-quality positions on the dips.

2. Inflation is coming… and it’s going to be doozy. Typically seen in 3rd-world economies, Americans face a dramatic increase in prices for the remainder of this decade.

Large government spending, lower corporate profits, and stagnated markets all point to inflationary times ahead.

Stocks have been amazing hedges against inflation. However, in the short-term, they often see prices decline first, helping their yields beat inflation.

3. Don’t get greedy; stay focused.

I am thrilled that our members are prospering. The daily email feedback is without a doubt the highlight of my week.

As you build wealth and see your net-worth and income increase, never forget why you’re becoming financially independent.

Last month, my dad died. He was a great man, very active in my life, and even closer to my own children. All life is finite… enjoy your life and use your money as a tool to further enhance your experiences. But remember, money is not the end… it is just the means to an end.

Relationships are your best investment by far, and it is very sad and difficult once those relationships come to an end. This letter wants to help you truly experience wealth, both financially and in life.

Let’s keep safely building our wealth in 2016.

We are going to take a few weeks off from the gold sector to allow this potential correction to play out, as well as use these dips as buying opportunities for our current stock suggestions. will release two new 2016 recommendations in the coming weeks: one agriculture company (in order to diversify our holdings) and one company that is so undervalued and mispriced, it may be the surest grand slam I’ve ever seen!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri