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We are seeing a real meltdown globally right now. Oil is at the lowest level since 2003, the S&P 500 is down 10% for the year, and we are seeing large drops globally.

The Russian ruble is now at an all-time low, and gold is rallying in all currencies. Even in U.S. dollars, gold is up 4% for the year. In other major currencies, it’s up dramatically, hitting fresh all-time highs around the world.

For the New York Stock Exchange today, we saw a 29-to-1 ratio for declining stocks vs. advancing. And this is all on heavy volume.

The truth is we’ve all known this day was coming; central planners from around the world have been pumping markets up aggressively since 2009, and now the air is coming out.

My long-term prediction still stands: we face a deflationary shock from natural economic forces, and then a currency crisis from the Federal Reserve’s response.

July 21st, 2012, we produced a micro-documentary called “The Economic Collapse for Dummies.” It’s 10 minutes. Watch it, it’s prophetic.

My recent conversation with Andy Hoffman, of, is a must-listen-to. Andy talks about the perfect storm for the precious metals. Not only do we have the perfect economic storm, but supply is falling off a cliff.

Production for silver is declining and is about to literally see a cliff dive in 2016 with mines shutting down all over the world.

Andy and his team over at are good friends of mine. I’ve known Andy since 2010. He’s offered to buy our members dinner on the 28th of this month, for anyone in the Denver area. If you’re interested in meeting up with Andy, please email him at

For our just-released interview with Andy Hoffman, please click or tap here.

Next month, join David Morgan, of, and Chris Martenson, from, in Las Vegas, February 22nd. It’s going to be one of those must-attend events and is perfectly timed for what’s ahead of us in 2016. Learn more by clicking here.

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