My wife is seven months pregnant. She tells me that I will never be able to comprehend a pregnancy. Her reasons are true and simple: there’s a living person inside of her womb for 9 whole months, and that is an experience that men don’t go through. I will never go through labor pains or birth itself. That is correct, and as hard as I try to go inside her mind, this experience belongs to her and not me. I told her that it is like comparing a car with 2 gears to a car with 6 gears – they are both cars, but what a difference.

I am also part of this adventure and witnessing the birth, and it is my daughter, too, but I am in 2nd gear, while my wife is in 5th gear, which I won’t get to feel for myself. Pregnancy is an unbridgeable gap that separates us men and women.

There is an insurmountable gap in the financial world, as well. They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but after watching the Davos Economic Forum of 2016, I think the same holds true for investors and central planners – bankers and politicians. It’s always a good idea to watch economic commentary 3-12 months after the comments were initially made in order to see if the statements came to fruition. Davos Economic Forum is like the Oscars – all the top dogs meet at the prestigious Swiss ski village. I actually heard Madame Lagarde, who heads the IMF, say “We are in uncharted territory,” yet a second later, she was sharing her take on what should be done. Two seats from her was Ray Dalio, arguably the greatest fund manager of all time, and he was very calm and said plainly that today’s economic environment requires balanced asset allocation and any sane person should own gold. The central planners weren’t pleased. They are certainly in 2nd gear when it comes to assessing risk, while Dalio has been in 5th gear for decades. His fund was profitable even in 2008.

The so-called “authorities” are truly not authorities on economic cycles. Ray Dalio is, and he has the bank account to prove it. “If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”

Ray says that we are in a de-leveraging environment, and he has chosen to trust precious metals to withstand the consequences of deflation. It would be a wise idea to follow suit. He also runs Bridgewater Associates, which means that his car only has five gears, because he can’t invest in Steroid Stocks. But we can. In fact, this is exactly what we should do.

The general population doesn’t have the first clue about resource investing. The big funds can’t invest in micro-cap stocks, and the “authorities” are creating havoc. This is the perfect storm. Wealth Research Group is now shifting from long-term stocks — which have been our bread and butter — to game-changing resource companies.

We are researching a number of companies at present that we will bring to your attention in the coming weeks and months.

Keep “dry powder,” because these companies will be the greatest wealth vehicle of this decade, and we have central bankers to thank for it.

Best Regards,

Lior Gantz

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