Dear Reader,

The entire story just 2 weeks ago was that gold was falling and the dollar was rallying because the U.S. central bank was about to raise rates…

In fact, all throughout 2015, we were told that 4 rate increases were imminent! Yet, even Ben Bernanke admitted in 2014 that we will never see normalized rates in his lifetime. That same year, Alan Greenspan told our friend Brien Lundin that rates could not rise without causing a market event.

Well, here we are, 7 months from the last rate hike, and the Federal Reserve (FED) takes another pass. Gold has recouped all its phony losses from an imminent rate hike in June and is now back to making NEW 52-week highs!

The true end-game, as Andy Hoffman noted in a new interview, is now. When you see the Dow Jones industrial average, commodities, and even the dollar index falling in price after the FED announces a continuation of easy money and near-zero interest-rate policy, you have a major game-changer.

Gold and silver were about the only assets rising after the FED meeting.

Be patient and disciplined with the companies you pick. The right stocks can take you a long way in this environment.

This is just the beginning!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri