Dear Reader,

If there is one thing that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have taught America, it is the power of expectations. Mr. Trump, through his Make America Great Again speeches… listen to how this billionaire speaks: “We’re going to!”

That’s powerful, and it should be implemented in everyone’s life that is reading this. Everything you plan to do or want to do, you’re going to do it. That’s an effective mindset that is contagious. For Mrs. Clinton, she’s also mastered the power of expectations, by having polls over-sampled and paying off media personalities to claim she will absolutely win.

I am, of course, not suggesting fraud, like Mrs. Clinton, but she certainly understands how important expectations are.

This is why I think you should always raise the bar, and if you have to, lie to yourself! Let me say that again: lie to yourself if you have to.

Every day when you wake up, write a statement based on everything you want to be, and say it to yourself as if you already are. Convince your subconscious mind to draw you closer to your dreams becoming a reality. I know it sounds weird, but just do it.

Here Are 3 Crucial Things You Must Do in Order to Get RICH!

1. Set high expectations! Drop the low energy and goals of the mediocre. Be like Queen Elsa and let it go. No millionaire ever became a millionaire by thinking and doing what everyone else does.

2. Have a definite target. Treat building wealth like a game. Check off specific goals, daily, weekly, and annually, and keep moving forward. As you achieve and complete these goals, you’ll get more excited.

Think about a going on a date or trying to get married… there are certain steps you take. The same goes for getting rich. There is no big secret; it’s a matter of going out and doing it!

3. Overcome fear. Rick Rule talks about having to force yourself to overcome your own emotions. The truth is the road to riches is a lonely one, because 99% of the population isn’t trying to to do it. Sure, they want it, but no one is really trying.

That’s why when you subscribe to our letter or meet a fellow member or myself at a conference, every time, it’s like running into your lost soul mate.

The fact is we are an uncommon breed… YOU are an uncommon bread!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri