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Dear Member,

Every day, I eat an entire 16oz bag of Juicy Gems Pomegranate seeds. They are usually priced in the $8 range where I live, but occasionally, my wife comes across a sale, snagging bags of these little gems for $6.50. I rarely do the regular grocery shopping, but I always know when my wife has seen a sale, because our freezer is loaded.

She’s an opportunist, and I see this in everything she buys. Rick Rule once told me that investors should treat bear markets like sales, which is exactly why everyone reading this should be thrilled to see asset prices crashing.

Oil, the master commodity, the single most important commodity after water, is crashing. I love it; let’s hope it falls to $1, and then make a fortune when an unsustainable price takes it back to $100.

IBM, a cash-rich business who absolutely dominates the industries they are involved in, is seeing their share price imploding… but their business, which is always in transition, is not crashing.

With silver, silver supply in 2016 is going to fall off a cliff! Mark my words: production is already down double digits in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. Meanwhile, physical demand is through the roof.

Let’s hope the sell-off continues, and be ready to buy world-class assets at fire-sale prices!

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Daniel Ameduri