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Make as much money as you can, as fast as you can. These are words that are often spoken by Doug Casey as he describes America as being like a pressure cooker that’s ready to burst.

Our own research has noted on many occasions over the years that even if you eliminated all federal employees and just paid for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the interest on our debt, the U.S. would still run an annual deficit. This is why when any politician talks about cutting the budget, it’s just never going to happen. The pain would be too much for any elected official to bare, and any cut would be the same as signing a resignation letter.

For a moment in the summer of 2011, a lot of us thought that there might be a chance that Congress and the President would get serious, but then the reports came out that all they were discussing was reducing the rate of growth. And even then, they couldn’t do it.

Anyone who understands basic accounting can see that the sociopaths in D.C. are lying. In Obama’s recent State of the Union speech, he looked Americans in the eye and bragged about how the deficit was down 50% under him, almost as if he was doing something constructive for our country. When in reality, he was the first president to have trillion-dollar annual deficits, and he will likely be the 5th president to increase the national debt by more than 50% while in office.

  • Wilson: $2.9 billion to $23 billion (693% increase)
  • FDR: $22.5 billion to $200 billion (789% increase)
  • Reagan: $950 billion to $2.7 trillion (175% increase)
  • G. W. Bush: $5.7 trillion to $11.2 trillion (96% increase)
  • Obama: $11.2 trillion to $18.2 trillion (62% increase by year 6, with 2 years to go)

Living in an insolvent nation creates a lot of individual risk. Our jobs, businesses, currency and stock market are all exposed to the volatility of a bankrupted system and the heavy hand of government looking to raid the assets of its citizens.

Which leads us back to Doug’s advice: make as much money as you can — as fast as you can — before this entire thing implodes.

It’s why developing our Smart Money Members’ area has become my own life’s purpose. Delivering to you safe strategies to increase your net worth on an annual basis, no matter what is going on around us. Real diversification, completely hedged for a dollar collapse, deflationary spiral, or a major banking crisis. We are ready, fully prepared, and stand to make a profit from increased volatility.

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