Making a Million is Easy…
Believing You Can Do It, Now That’s the Hard Part

Dear Reader,

The biggest human tragedy is that most people will never live. They will spend the vast majority of their days helping someone else realize their dreams; they will work 8-12 hour days and defer living until they are too old to fully experience a high quality life.

Most will choose to work rather than spend time with their children; this may seem like an offensive comment, but please remember, the reason most couples work long hard hours is because they are simply living the life they were conditioned to live. Your bills aren’t too high because that’s what it costs to live, your bills are too high because that’s the cost of living in the matrix.

It’s not that you can’t live life, it’s that you weren’t taught how, and most likely have no living example in your own life to learn from.

This can either upset you or enlighten you.

With all that is going on in the world economy, geopolitics, terrorism, and day to day challenges of life, many can get bogged down by all the things we can’t control. This letter wants you to focus on the things you can control.

Chart your own individual path in life. Partner with the right people and achieve financial freedom, not for the sake of having some extra zero’s in your bank account, but so that you can do whatever it is the hell you want to do!

For the most part, the news, the conventional plan of retirement, and the stock market itself, it’s just noise, master ignoring the noise, and moving forward with your own life’s plan.  You have to be unreasonable. Expect the uncommon, and seek after the unconventional. If you want to achieve financial freedom, which is real freedom, in my opinion, you need to let go of the 40-50-year plan that has been laid out for you by conventional wisdom.

Doing this frees you up to have higher expectations, and to be unreasonable when it comes to your goals.

What you are going to discover after making millions of dollars is that it was easy to do. The difficult part is believing you can do it. If I asked if you can make an extra $5,000 this year, most of you reading this would say “sure.” You could do an extra income idea, sell some stuff, or work a bit more.

But at some point, we lose belief… Yes to an extra $5,000 this year, but what about $6,000, or $60,000, or $600,000? Your belief is more important than your education, skills, or plan.

I’ve met people with great plans, and they fall apart at the first sight of struggle, because they didn’t have the belief. It has to be inside of you; a deep down knowledge that you know… you know you’re going to be the person that you see in your future. You’re going to have your financial goals met, saying “this will happen.”

Once you have this belief, then there is NO retreat. You commit to a better life. It doesn’t have to be sink or swim, but it does need to be “this is happening.”

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri