Dear Reader, 
In 24 hours, I am going to reveal a tiny stock to you that is completely off of everyone’s radar, and I believe it could be the ultimate Trump trade! I want to offer you some suggested actions to take in 2017, some New Year’s resolutions as we start the year, because I want you to make money.

Money is a beautiful tool we can all use to make our lives better.  Here are 3 things you’ll want to do in order to get the most out of this letter and your wealth building plan for the new year.

#1 – Unleash your inner animal. Stop beating around the bush, trying not to offend others or look like a greedy pig. You want to make money, stack it high, and enjoy all this life has to offer. So do it, and make no apologies.

Admit it, let it out, and don’t feel guilty about it.  There is NOTHING more noble than the desire to buy one’s freedom and experience financial prosperity.  Release your subconscious mind from all the conditioned dogma of our public schools, politicians, and possibly even your own parents.

Focus on making money, and enjoy every minute of it, because the truth is getting rich is fun!

#2 – Lock in gains. When you see a stock or investment asset go parabolic, sell at least half, if not more. Reward yourself for being early and take those profits.  You can always buy it back later or simply find a new opportunity.  Don’t treat a 50%-plus gain lightly. I want you to be greedy, but not reckless. When you’re up like that, seriously consider taking some off the table.

#3 – Monetize your passion and plan on over-delivering in all you do!  Millions of jobs are going to be lost to robots and freelance workers over the next 10 years.  Get ahead of the curve now and figure out how you can monetize what you love doing or how to turn your current job into a business.

Treat yourself and the active income you produce with the highest priority in 2017. Dramatic changes are coming to the middle class, so don’t be left behind. Instead, use this transition as an opportunity to get ahead!

Summary: You’re going to potentially make a fortune in 2017 with many of our stock recommendations, so be ready.

An amazingly profitable year is ahead of us!

Happy New Year!

Daniel Ameduri