We Won’t Get an Opportunity Like This Again!

Dear Reader,

There is no doubt that we are in unprecedented times, and we look forward to seizing the moment with you! The opportunity we see has our cup overflowing, and we are focused on continuing to bring you the best possible strategies to save, protect, and profit during these times.

For your Sunday pleasure, we have two excellent interviews for you today: bubble forecaster Harry Dent and precious metal entrepreneur Bruce Bragagnolo.

Mr. Dent is an expert on demographics, with some of the best research I’ve ever seen.  I do disagree with him on the final outcome of the current systemic problems we face, however, for the past 20 years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading his books and speaking with him.

He’s made some big bold calls, some wrong and some right.  I do warn you, though, that if you’re feeling down, unemployed, or are not having a great day, it’s probably not the best interview for you, since no one is more bearish than Harry, and from gold to stocks, he is expecting a worldwide collapse in all assets.

To sum it up, if you’re feeling a little blue, Harry will put you over the edge!

I also had the chance to do an interview with Bruce Bragagnolo. He’s a mining entrepreneur who founded two precious metal companies that became producers and made investors fortunes.  Over the summer, I met with him in person for dinner and drinks, and we had a great talk about the Federal Reserve, global economy, inflation, gold, and the resource sector.

He’s one of the few people in the sector who is both an overachiever and someone who is fully aware of why it’s more important than ever to hold some physical gold and silver in your portfolio.

Both of these interviews make for a great Sunday.

I do also want to make a mention of our current positions. I have personally been buying several of our exceptional investment recommendations. In fact, I’ve purchased more physical bullion in the past 2 weeks than the rest of 2016 combined, and I’ve also purchased a significant amount of shares in the precious metals and lithium space.

We will have a new stock suggestion to you soon, so make sure you have some opportunity cash set aside.  Our new suggestion will become a core holding for us, so keep an eye out for our special alert that will be delivered to you this month.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri