Total physical gold since 2005 in China is 13,000 tons, however, official gold reserves are only 1,600 tons. The COMEX is doomed. With the new Chinese exchange, the entire rigged paper markets are being used by the east to drain the west of all the gold. has put together an excellent video making the case that right now, we are seeing China make its big move in preparation of a post-U.S. dollar reserve currency.

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Major market indexes are making highs, however, corporate profits are down, and this entire move has been driven by central planners flexing their currency printing abilities.

The fact is stocks, especially large-cap business, are backed by real assets, and we would expect real assets to be re-priced higher if and when helicopter money hits. However, on a real value basis, we see major market indexes with limited upside here of 5 to 10%, with a significant downside of 25 to 50%.

Riots in the U.S.

The poor and young are being shut out, burdened with high debt levels and a sense of entitlement. America’s welfare state and drug war has robbed millions of a prosperous future, and now the country is reaping what it has sown.

It’s unnerving and very sad what is happening today, especially seeing those Dallas police officers gunned down over the color of their skin. No entity on earth feeds into racism more than the U.S. government, which groups its citizens up by race and ethnicity. There isn’t a single government form that doesn’t ask about what color your skin is.

The anger being channeled at the Trump campaign and police should be directed at the people and corporations making our laws and regulations. Unfortunately, college campuses have become nothing more than propaganda training centers for the state. So it’s more likely that the victims of government will now demand more of it, via regulations, laws, and more discriminatory laws like the minimum wage, which hurts poor people, and skin color quotas for our police departments, which further places blame on the officers, instead of the actual law makers.

During the next 6 months to 3 years, Future Money Trends expects to see massive rioting in multiple major cities in the U.S. We are one headline away from massive civil unrest across this country.

Prepare accordingly.

Best Regards,
Daniel Ameduri