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You’re subscribed to because you have an interest in money. We are all concerned about the future, about how the economy will affect individual lives, and those of our loved ones. Unprecedented debt levels, government corruption, sociopathic central planners, and bad ideas rule the world.

Personal finance for the economy. That’s our purpose, but I want to take a moment in this week’s digest to remind our dear readers of something even more important. And that’s why we believe wealth building is so imperative in today’s economy. Right now, there are nearly 50 million people on food stamps. Roughly 50% of them have jobs!

The labor force participation rate is at depression levels. America’s middle class is going away… And that is the real obstacle that keeps me up at night for the family. The masses that follow mainstream conventional advice from Wall Street and D.C. will be like refugees in their own country 10 years from now.

Jim Rogers, when asked what originally attracted him to investing, said that early on he knew he wanted to live life on his own terms, and that meant he had to buy his freedom. Life is about your experiences, relationships and being with the people you love. Money can help enhance your life, but it can’t become your life.

I do agree with Jim Rogers, though – you have to buy your freedom. Setting out to be average is a terrible mistake, because in 10 years, average will be poor in this country.

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Daniel Ameduri