Dear Member,

The trend is changing dramatically. On August 18th, we put out an urgent message that said stocks were set to crash, and what started days later was a 10% move down – one that we think still has room to go on the downside.  All last month, we began to urge readers to take a serious look at precious metal stocks. In the past month, here is what we recommended…

  • Physical Platinum: up 4%
  • FF: up 24%
  • *GCU: up 22%
  • *PKL: up 23%
  • AGPPY: up 19%
  • SWC: up 31%

*GCU and PKL were special trading alerts – shares are set to be converted into FF next month*

We have three more gold-silver stock suggestions we will be announcing this year.  The last time gold valuations were this low, gold stocks rallied 310% in the matter of 2 years.  That’s assuming you bought all the bad ones along with the good. is being extreme in this market, only presenting you with the highest-quality companies in the entire sector.  My personal expectations are that if we see a triple in our picks in the next few years, I would be greatly disappointed. It’s like Rick Rule told us last week: the names we have targeted should see 500-1,000% gains as this market turns around.

I believe the market is turning around right now!  Be sure to keep an eye out for our updates as this story of gold’s new bull market unfolds.

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Daniel Ameduri