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There are now 294 ounces of “paper gold” for every 1 ounce of gold the COMEX holds that is actually deliverable. JP Morgan reported last week that their COMEX vault declined by nearly 50% starting on November 16th. Currently, JP Morgan is reporting 347,899 ounces held in their vault, a new all-time low!

Just to give you an idea of the type of extreme we are seeing in the availability of gold commitments versus the actual physical metal that can be delivered, throughout the 2000s, the ratio of paper gold vs. the physical gold was usually less than 25 to 1. In late 2013, this number reached 50 to 1, but it has truly gone parabolic in 2015, with the ratio now being at 294 fantasy ounces to every 1 real ounce of gold.

At the very least, this is evidence for significant manipulation and price suppression in the gold market. Big shifts are coming, and old paradigms are collapsing. Yesterday, the IMF confirmed that the Chinese yuan will be included in the SDR basket starting October 1st, 2016, making its importance as a new reserve currency official.

Specific details aren’t known yet as to its exact weighting, but according to Reuters, the Chinese currency will have a larger share in the SDR than both the Japanese yen and British pound. This move for the near-term won’t have any impact. However, long-term, this will give rise to yuan demand considerably, causing further downward pressure on dollar demand going forward.

For, this is just a continued confirmation that the world — especially for Americans — is going to look a lot different in 10 years or less. The world is moving on from dollar hegemony, and so should we.

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Daniel Ameduri