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The COMEX is seeing record demand and a record low for inventory as it pertains to leverage!  The number of owners per ounce of registered silver is now higher than gold.

Currently registered gold owners per ounce of physical inventory is at a ratio of 33 to 1.  For silver, it’s 44 to 1, with registered silver inventories at their lowest levels in more than a decade!

We recently did an interview with Steve St. Angelo, owner of, who is one of the world’s top silver analysts.  According to Mr. Angelo, the Chinese are stockpiling silver like never before. The Shanghai Futures Exchange has increased from 7.5 million ounces to over 60 million ounces in the past 10 months.

A continuation of the Chinese entering this tiny market could lead to some real fireworks, according to Mr. Angelo.

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Daniel Ameduri